Earthrise VIII


Image of Earthrise VIII

You can’t deny that the 70s were awesome. A time that brought to light some great rock bands, and some great tones. The Earthrise VIII is our answer to the overdriven sounds we all love. Based around a vintage classic without the huge vintage price tag; from subtle overdriven tone and boost to a medium stage vintage voiced drive.

• Standard 9vDC Input
• True Bypass
• Body Switch for pickup tone matching
• Simple Controls
• Quality Components
• Switchcraft Jacks
• Hand Wired in the USA
• Lifetime Warranty*


Earthrise is the name given to a photograph of the Earth that was taken by astronaut William Anders in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission.


*please allow up to 60 days in turn-around time. Due to the amount of orders we currently receive we have had to extend our build times. All of our products are made by hand one at a time. Thanks!