Image of Spacetime

The Spacetime is a dual normally open output tap tempo with a Soft-Touch footswitch.

• Dual Output
• Soft Touch Footswitch
• Normally Open
• Quality Components
• Switchcraft Jacks
• Hand Wired in the USA
• Lifetime Warranty*


In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum. The spacetime of our universe is usually interpreted from a Euclidean space perspective, which regards space as consisting of three dimensions, and time as consisting of one dimension, the ‘fourth dimension’. By combining space and time into a single manifold, Minkowski space, physicists have significantly simplified a large number of physical theories, as well as described in a more uniform way the workings of the universe at both the supergalactic and subatomic levels.


*please allow up to 60 days in turn-around time. Due to the amount of orders we currently receive we have had to extend our build times. All of our products are made by hand one at a time. Thanks!